Academic Activities

Sensory & Perception Development

Our sensory activities are designed in such a way that they help in developing the child’s senses (touch, feel, taste, hear and smell). Perception skills like cutting, puzzles, simple math problems are given to make the child complete its daily activities & develop their academic performance.
Children are given activities related to sorting, matching, filling, emptying and arranging which helps in stimulating their senses and develop creative thinking & imagination.

Gross & Fine Motor Development

Gross Motor Skills like walking, running, jumping, throwing, crawling and kicking are necessary for the child to develop its individual motor skills as well as contribution in team games.
Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscles, in movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes. The child achieves hand-eye coordination & improves concentration.

Behavioural Skills

Children are self-centric from the time of birth. There is nothing wrong with the child’s thinking. In Glostarz, we make children think about themselves as well as others to be successful in the society & maintain a healthy relationship with others.
At Glostarz, we teach children to:
 Be friendly with others
 Differentiate what is right & what is wrong
 Develop moral values
 Be independent
 Be confident & speak out what they think

Self-Help & Safety

It’s good for a child to be independent, but within the safety lines. Though the parents/ teachers put their efforts to keep the child safe, safety threats continue to occur unexpectedly. It is therefore necessary for a child to learn the personal safety skills to be free from threats.

Creativity & Self-Expression

In today’s world, children have to face numerous challenges to lead their lives. In order to overcome these challenges, they should be more creative & develop the habit of self-expression. In Glostarz - one among the top preschools in India, we strive to bring out the creative talents of the kids and help them think & solve problems with their creative thinking.
Simple ways which we follow at Glostarz include:
 Allowing the child to choose from many, e.g. Toys, crayons
 Allowing them to be independent
 Art & Crafts to develop their creative thinking & imagination
 Open-ended conversations, e.g. What if you could fly?

Skill Building

GloStarz, a place to discover child’s talents.
At Glostarz preschool, children will be free to create, learn, be a part of, dance, sing and act. The basic idea is to identify a child’s talent, give him/ her the products to develop, in a given time. In this way, we enrich the child’s ability & talent.

Extra-Curricular Activities

 Festivals Celebration
 Field Trip
 Annual Sports Day
 Grand Annual Day
 Theme Parties
 Christmas Day
 Shopping Day
 Talent Watch
 Spell-bee competition