Preschool - Pre-Nursery/ Play Group

Age Group - 2 to 3 years
Children at this age are quite very small to learn & hence we develop their skills needed for them to be successful in school life. We have a structured program which helps in inculcating the knowledge of the children in this age group. We make them release their opportunities & discover the world around them. Children within this age group are in the pace of developing their sense. Hence we provide them activities based on Sensory & Perception Development, Motor Skills Development, and Behavioural Skills that help to develop their senses & understand the importance of them.
We provide a weekly theme-based education to the children to help them build their language, communication, self-help, creativity & self-expression.

Preschool - Nursery

Age Group - 3 to 4 years
Children at this age group have a curiosity in learning new things. We engage these children with activities related to Sensory & Perception Development, Motor Skills Development which includes both Gross & Fine Motor skills and Behavioural Skills. Moreover we identify children’s unique skills & help them develop their skills.
Children are taught to read & write effortlessly at this stage. English, Math, Science and General Knowledge are taught in a play way method. We follow a practical way of teaching children.
We provide a weekly theme-based education to the children to help them build their language, communication, self-help, creativity & self-expression. Children develop confidence to explore new things from a very young age.

Kindergarten - LKG/ Junior KG

Age Group - 4 to 5 years
Children in this age group will come to learn more about the environment around them. They will be able to differentiate between what is right & what is wrong. We enable children to learn more about the society, our environment, good & bad things which helps in developing their language, creating confidence, overcoming fears and verbalise their thoughts & feelings. Children will be aware of competitions at this stage & the joy of winning a competition.

Kindergarten - UKG/ Senior KG

Age Group - 5 to 6 years
In this program, children are prepared to face the world outside preschool. Special focus is shown on academic activities like writing, reading, vocabulary, innovation & applying new concepts.
Also, the individual capabilities of the children are well developed in this stage with the help of our activities.

Day care

Age Group - 2 to 8 years
Nowadays, working parents ought for Day care facilities. Glostarz offers day care facilities for children after school. Our day care centres are well equipped with Microwave ovens, refrigerators, rolling mattress, televisions, toys, books, colouring aids, etc. Each day care centre has a Centre Head, Day care Coordinators and a support staff. The Centre Head is responsible for overall in charge of the day care centre. The Day care coordinators not only take care of the kids but also engage them with interesting activities.

Teacher Training

Glostarz provide training to new aspiring teachers & our preschool teachers. The modules are designed in such a way that they equip the teachers with additional knowledge on Basic Child Psychology, Child Supervision & Safety, Communication, Activity Management, Parental Guidance, Teaching Strategies, Innovation & Creative Thinking, etc.

 Teachers are trained with relevant in-service training courses to improve their professional knowledge.
 GloStarz has patented on-the-job training and certification for eligible candidates with theoretical training and on-the-job training with evaluation and certification issued by Star Certification International.
 The teacher training is from GloStarz Teacher Training Academy and the course curriculum accredited by Star Certification International.